Spinner of Darkness & Other Tales

A trilingual edition in English, German and Indonesian

E-Book - Spinner of Darkness & Other Tales - Cover

by Intan Paramaditha

German title: Spinnerin der Dunkelheit und andere Erzählungen

Indonesian title: Pemintal Kegelapan dan cerita lainnya

Intan Paramaditha’s stories are infused with gothic and horror themes. Depicted with a feminine sensibility, the majority of her protagonists are femme fatales or madwomen in the attic who do not fit the social order. Her stories contain twists that both delight and disturb.

Lontar, Oct. 5, 2015, 116 pages
Languages: English, German, Indonesian
Translators: Stephen Epstein, Pauline Kurbasik
ISBNs: 9786026978394 (MOBI), 9786026978141 (EPUB), 9786026978646 (PDF), 9786029144895 (PRINT)
Keywords: Horror, Gothic, women, Frauen, Indonesien, Indonesia, Asien, Asia, mysterious

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