Excerpts from the Novel Cala Ibi

A trilingual edition in English, German and Indonesian

E-Book - Excerpts from the Novel Cala Ibi - Cover

by Nukila Amal

German title: Cala Ibi – Romanauszüge

Indonesian title: Nukilan Cala Ibi

Caba Ibi tells the story of Maya, a woman whose well-planned life is suddenly upset by her dreams of a mysterious woman by the name of Maia. This Maia invites the dreamer to experience things she had never imagined before. The author’s control in her use of language is remarkable.

Lontar, Oct. 5, 2015, 204 pages
Languages: English, German, Indonesian
Translators: Gudrun Ingratubun, Eddin Khoo
ISBNs: 9786026978479 (MOBI), 9786026978226 (EPUB), 9786026978721 (PDF), 9786029144970 (PRINT)
Keywords: Frauen, women, Asien, Erzählungen, Geschichten, Asia, contemporary

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